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Replacing a Sprinkler Head

replacing a sprinkler head


                                                                                    replacing sprinkler head


Hi this Tyler Goodwin of Goodwin Landscape.  I always get asked to help friends and family with replacing sprinkler heads.  And me being Mr. Nice guy I can never say no.  When replacing a sprinkler head you should always first see if the existing sprinkler is still good.  Most of the time a sprinkler nozzle will get clogged and the pressure of the water will eventually push the sprinkler head of the threads of what ever it was threaded on.  But most of the time the sprinkler is good just the nozzle needs to get replaced.

If the sprinkler is damaged find out if it is a 4 inch or a six inch sprinkler.  The sprinklers do get bigger but most of them are that size.  The damaged sprinkler head should come right off and put the new one on.  I don’t put the nozzle on right a way will let it flush for a while to get all of the sand, rock, and other debris out. Then i will put the nozzle on.


replacing a sprinkler head

Tyler Goodwin

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Trey Radel

Trey Radel rallies for a win


I just wanted to congratulate Trey Radel for his victory last night.  I really hope that he will succeed and win the vote in November.  I have been listening to him on his radio show for a while now.   I agree with a lot of his conservative views and what he plans to do if he wins.  Trey Radel is southwest’s Florida’s voice of the tea party and does a great job at it

Good luck Trey Radel

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Irrigation naples, fl

  Well I am getting lots of calls of irrigation running while it is raining in Naples FL. 

When the irrigation is running when it is raining that means that the rain censor is not set right, not working, or you bypassed it on your clock.  The irrigation rain censor on your box is very thin wire so sometimes if it is not baried right or not mounted right it will not work.  The city of Naples is starting to bust down on irrigation rain censors not working properply and giving a nice fine for it.  So I recommend you get it fixed as soom as possible.  Wasting water is getting frowned upon.  It is a limited resource so we have to be conservative with it.  Another reason why the irrigation rain censor is not working properly is because you have it set to high.  I always set my Irrigation rain censor at the lowest it will go in the summer which is about an 1/8 of an inch that will shut it off immediately when water touches it.  My favorite irrigation systems are Rain Bird and Hunter.  Both seem to last and have the best customer service.  The best sprinklers are Toro in my opinion.  They seem to be the easiest to work with and have the best nozzles.  The nozzles come in 10ft. 12Ft. 15ft.  I recommend checking your irrigation system about every two months.  The first thing I will check is the Irrigation rain censor.  Next i will check the filter if it the irrigation system  has one.  If it doesn’t than I recommend getting one on a well or city water.  Now it is time to check all of the sprinklers.  I will run every zone on for about 2 minutes to see how the flow is.  If a zone is not getting good pressure than I will check the valve and flush all the sprinklers on that zone by taking all of the nozzles off and letting water flush through them clearing all the rocks, snails, and dirt. That’s about it.

That is just a little advice for Irrigation in Naples,fl.

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Affordable landscaping in Naples, fl

You don’t have to hurt your pocketbook in order to have a beautiful landscape.  There are many ways landscapes can be done at an affordable price.  First of all, I always suggest doing smaller gallon size plants and trees.  As long as you don’t need instant gratification and are willing to wait for plants to mature then I say go with the smaller plant.  Always factor in modifications to your sprinkler system.  If you can set up a good irrigation system you will save a ton of money in the long run.  There are lots of deals at nurseries so it is definitely a good time to buy plants right now.

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Organic Lawn Care

  I have been getting lots of calls about Organic fertilizing and natural ways to get rid of pest and weeds.  I have been using organic fertilizer on request for about 2 years now and  it is awesome.  It is a lot different than synthetic fertilizer. The green up that I get is great and it promotes good root growth.  The length of the fertilizer lasted about 2 1/2 months.  I highly recommend putting  Organic fertilizer in your fertilizer program.   Weeds and pests are a whole new ball game and there really isn’t anything that great on getting rid of them organically.  I have used baking soda a couple of times and it works but it also can burn your grass so you got to be careful.  As long as you fertilize good and water right  I personally think that is the best solution to get rid of disease and pest naturally.

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Annuals and perennials,flowers for naples, fl

Some of the more popular flowers planted in South florida


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   Hibiscus are an excellent plant to add to your landscape.  There are so many different colors and varieties.  They are pretty drought tolerant and can grow in sun and shade.  They do get insects and you may have to spray them periodically.  fertilize them to get more blooms.  I like to use a 8-10-10

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Irrigation maintenance for Naples, fl

Proper Irrigation Maintenance is very important for maintaining a good landscape.  When the irrigation is set up right you will have less trouble with insects, drought, and disease.  You should always check your sprinklers about every two months.  The most common thing you will find is clogged nozzles, knocked of sprinkler heads, and sprinkler heads not popping up due to wear and tear.  I always check the Irrigation box to see if all is functioning well and to see if the rain censor is working.  There should only be one start time on the box and the start time should be around 4 in the morning, go earlier if you have a lot of zones you have to run.  Make sure that you are watering on the right days that you are scheduled for, you can get all of that info from collier counties website  for water restrictions.

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Managing weeds

Managing weeds can be an easy task or just about impossible.  It all depends your  lawn maintenance, watering, and fertilizing.  First of all and most important is proper watering.   Too much watering and your weeds are going to spread at a very fast rate to little and your grass will thin out allowing weeds to fill in the empty areas.  In the summer when the rains are hear I like to set my rain censor at the about  1/8 of an inch that is the lowest it will go, so when it does rain the censor will immediately shut the system off not wasting water and not watering too much.  When it does rain everyday you will get a little bit of weeds it all depends on the thickness of your grass.  The thicker the grass the less weeds you will have .  The weeds that you do get in the summer, it is always better to spot treat the weeds than blanket spray.  Blanket spraying  in the high heat could damage your turf if you go at a high rate with your herbicide.   The best herbicides that I have use in the summer is Celsius and mansion.  They are both good and get rid of weeds pretty fast.  If you go into a drought and your grass looks stressed out never use herbicides, just wait until it cools down or you get some rain and turf heals up.  During the dry warm season Apr-June and Sep-Nov is the time when I put the rain censor to 1 inch and maximize my watering. This will keep your grass from getting stressed out.  I normally say  about 2 days week of watering is fine, but on these months i always put them on three days.  When the cold fronts start coming and the temp is nice and cool than 2 days a week of watering is fine.  During the cool months you can put a lot better herbicides on your turf.  Atrazine is the best herbicide for the winter and also has a pre emergent in it which will prevent weeds for germinating.  Applying a  high Nitrogen fertilizer in the cool months is also a good way to control weeds because the nitrogen will burn out some of the weeds.  Applying a high nitrogen fertilizer in the high heat is not a great idea because it will acutually make your weeds spread and may burn your grass.  Proper mowing height is also important.  In the summer I always start raising the height of my grass and as it cools down I will lower the height.  I you cut higher it will strengthen your roots of your grass allowing it to be thicker and less weeds.  The proper mowing for floratam is 3.5 inches in the winter and 4.0 to 4.25 in the summer.  Zoysia grass is about 1.5 inch in the winter and 2.5 to 3.0 inch in the summer.  The zoysia grass is doing very well when properly maintained.  I almost never get weeds from that grass because it grows so thick.



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Naples Pest Control for Whitefly, Webworm, Grubs, and Chinch Bugs from Goodwin Landscape

It is Summer and the bugs are out. Controlling these pests can be easy or could be your worst nightmare. Whats worked best for me is bimonthly lawn spraying and switching the chemicals on every visit. I get calls from customers who are not on a spray schedule and are loaded with pests and expect to have everything cured on the first spray, that does not work most of the time. Cinch bugs lay there eggs in the ground and the insecticide will usually not kill the eggs so when the insecticide wears off the new hatch-lings will start destroying your turf. So I will usually do a back up spray 4 weeks after when I come for the first time on a lawn. The White fly are everywhere. Now there are different species going after Palms, Trees of different varieties, and Ficus hedges. The best thing to do is to catch them early so the damage is not done. The signs to look for are discoloring of the plant, the plant starts to defoliate , or plant stops growing. I always put a contact killer and a systemic insecticide to get rid of the pest.

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