Irrigation naples, fl

  Well I am getting lots of calls of irrigation running while it is raining in Naples FL.  When the irrigation is running when it is raining that means that the rain censor is not set right, not working, or you bypassed it on your clock.  The irrigation rain censor on your box is very thin wire so […]

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Affordable landscaping in Naples, fl

You don’t have to hurt your pocketbook  in order to have a beautiful landscape.  There are many ways  landscapes can be done at an affordable price.  First of all, I always suggest by doing smaller gallon size plants and tress.  As long as you don’t need instant gratification and are willing to wait for plants to mature than […]

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Organic Lawn Care

  I have been getting lots of calls about Organic fertilizing and natural ways to get rid of pest and weeds.  I have been using organic fertilizer on request for about 2 years now and  it is awesome.  It is a lot different than synthetic fertilizer. The green up that I get is great and it promotes good […]

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Annuals and perennials,flowers for naples, fl

Some of the more popular flowers planted in South florida  

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   Hibiscus are an excellent plant to add to your landscape.  There are so many different colors and varieties.  They are pretty drought tolerant and can grow in sun and shade.  They do get insects and you may have to spray them periodically.  fertilize them to get more blooms.  I like to use a 8-10-10

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Irrigation maintenance for Naples, fl

Proper Irrigation Maintenance is very important for maintaining a good landscape.  When the irrigation is set up right you will have less trouble with insects, drought, and disease.  You should always check your sprinklers about every two months.  The most common thing you will find is clogged nozzles, knocked of sprinkler heads, and sprinkler heads […]

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Managing weeds

Managing weeds can be an easy task or just about impossible.  It all depends your  lawn maintenance, watering, and fertilizing.  First of all and most important is proper watering.   Too much watering and your weeds are going to spread at a very fast rate to little and your grass will thin out allowing weeds to fill in […]

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Naples pest control for whitefly, webworm, grubs, and chinch bugs from goodwin lawn care

It is Summer and the bugs are out. Controlling these pests can be easy or could be your worst nightmare. Whats worked best for me is bimonthly lawn spraying and switching the chemicals on every visit. I get calls from customers who are not on a spray schedule and are loaded with pests and expect […]

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