Naples Sod Installation

This is Goodwin Lawn Care giving the most popular sods that are installed in Naples, Fl


Floratam/St. Augustine Zoysia Bahia Bermuda
floratam zoysia bahia bermuda
• Most popular lawn choice

• Shady, moderate
traffic areas

• Blade width 8 to 9 mm.

• Larger thatch producer than
other grasses

• Brown patch tolerant

• Good for coastal regions, thrives in heat

• Moderately good for
heavy traffic

• Susceptible to
fungal diseases

• Deep roots to more
effectively extract
water from deeper
soil depths

• Salt tolerant, good for
coastal areas

• Blade width 5 to 7 mm.

• Does not tolerate poorly
drained soils

• Among the most
wear tolerant

• Fair/good shade tolerance

• Fair/good traffic

• Slow rate of establishment

• Will tolerate some drought

• Resistant to drought, disease and insect attacks

• Low tolerance to many weed control herbicides

• Coarse blade

• Not suitable for soils with a high pH

• Does best in sunny areas

• Best suited for areas with
no irregation.

• Shade tolerance: moderate

• Low watering and survives drought. Does well in
soggy areas.

• For lawns, sports fields, parks, golf courses, and utility turfs

• Prefers full sun

• Blade width 1.7 mm.

• Draught resistant, but needs water weekly to remain green

• Withstands heavy traffic

• Beautiful green color year round

• Aggressive. Will overrun flower beds if not kept in check

• Extensive root system

• Poor shade tolerance