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Naples Pest Control for Whitefly, Webworm, Grubs, and Chinch Bugs from Goodwin Landscape

It is Summer and the bugs are out. Controlling these pests can be easy or could be your worst nightmare. Whats worked best for me is bimonthly lawn spraying and switching the chemicals on every visit. I get calls from customers who are not on a spray schedule and are loaded with pests and expect to have everything cured on the first spray, that does not work most of the time. Cinch bugs lay there eggs in the ground and the insecticide will usually not kill the eggs so when the insecticide wears off the new hatch-lings will start destroying your turf. So I will usually do a back up spray 4 weeks after when I come for the first time on a lawn. The White fly are everywhere. Now there are different species going after Palms, Trees of different varieties, and Ficus hedges. The best thing to do is to catch them early so the damage is not done. The signs to look for are discoloring of the plant, the plant starts to defoliate , or plant stops growing. I always put a contact killer and a systemic insecticide to get rid of the pest.

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Most popular Plants in Southwest, Fl

Most popular Plants in Southwest, Fl




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Landscaping in Naples, Fl

Landscaping in Naples, Fl


landscapingin Naples, Fl

Please allow us to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our company. Our firm has been serving the Southwest Florida Area since 1978 and has completed many successful, award-winning projects throughout the South West Florida Area. We are a full service landscape contractor capable of handling all aspects of your landscape, irrigation and maintenance needs.

Landscaping in Naples, Fl

Our reputation for quality is based on an ongoing commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our company was founded on this commitment and it remains our guiding principle today.  It is our goal to be partnered with your company as a resource for your landscape, irrigation and property maintenance needs.  We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your team and to serve you beyond a one-time project award. We constantly strive to out-do ourselves—not our competition.

Let the Goodwin Landscape Team of Companies put our commitment of excellence to work for you!

Landscaping in Naples

Landscaping in Naples, Fl

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Naples Aeration Services

Naples Aeration Services

Lawn Aeration

Aeration should be part of everyone’s lawn program

On scale of 1 to 10, core aeration rates an 11 for improving your turf quality. Lawns can be aerated anytime throughout the growing season. Spring, Summer and Fall all offer their own unique advantages. The benefits of aeration are so clear that it’s a standard practice used on all golf courses across the country. The benefits begin immediately and last for months.

What is aeration?

aeration naples


Aeration is the process of making thousands of small holes in the turf. These holes allow air, water and fertilizer to reach the root zone more efficiently resulting in new growth and increased root development.

Save up to 25% on your water bill

Water is able to get down to the root zone more efficiently where it is absorbed and not lost to evaporation in the thatch layer.

Reduces thatch


Aeration speeds thatch breakdown by mixing the soil from the cores that are pulled to mix with the thatch.

Creates Deeper, healthier roots

Aeration creates thousands of small growth pockets which attract the grass roots.

Loosens hard, compacted soils

Aeration decompresses your soil by allowing room for the soil to expand while, at the same time, creating a looser structure for the roots.

Call to schedule your guaranteed Aeration treatment today! 682-2919

Nalpes Aeration services

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Naples Irrigation Services

Naples Irrigation Services



Goodwin Irrigation Services, LLC


Specialists in residential and small business lawn irrigation repair and service.

Goodwin Irrigation services, LLC provides complete irrigation system service and maintenance including repair, replacement, realignment, and relocation of sprinkler heads.  We are experts at diagnosing and repairing problems with timers, valves, wiring, including wire tracking and valve location, and system leaks. Our job is to keep your irrigation up and running.

We serve the entire Southwest community including:  Naples, Ft. Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs.

Goodwin Irrigation Services, LLC is licensed, bonded and insured. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service at a reasonable price. All our work is guaranteed for 1 full year and we honor all manufacturers’ warranties.

Call our office to make an appointment.

Goodwin Irrigation Services, LLC

Naples Irrigation services


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Naples Landscape Lighting

Naples Landscape Lighting

Naples Landscape Lighting

If you have spent the time, effort and money to landscape your yard you might as well enjoy the beauty of it both at night and during the day. Using the right type and amount of Naples landscape lighting can help highlight particular features of your yard at night.


Naples Landscape Lighting

Naples Landscape Lighting


Naples Landscape Lighting

The fun part about it is that the landscaping can look different at night when illuminated making it feel like you have twice as much visual appeal. You’ll be able to appreciate your efforts in a whole new way at night. Plus certain types of outdoor lighting can help add a layer of protection and safety to your Naples home.


  • Landscape Lighting
  • Solar Landscape Lighting
  • Vista Landscape Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting Tips
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  • Landscape Lighting Installation
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  • LED Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial Landscape Lighting
  • Discount Landscape Lighting

Naples Landscape Lighting

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Naples Sod Installation

Naples Sod Installation

This is Goodwin Landscape giving the most popular sods that are installed in Naples, Fl


Floratam/St. Augustine Zoysia Bahia Bermuda
floratam zoysia bahia bermuda
• Most popular lawn choice

• Shady, moderate
traffic areas

• Blade width 8 to 9 mm.

• Larger thatch producer than
other grasses

• Brown patch tolerant

• Good for coastal regions, thrives in heat

• Moderately good for
heavy traffic

• Susceptible to
fungal diseases

• Deep roots to more
effectively extract
water from deeper
soil depths

• Salt tolerant, good for
coastal areas

• Blade width 5 to 7 mm.

• Does not tolerate poorly
drained soils

• Among the most
wear tolerant

• Fair/good shade tolerance

• Fair/good traffic

• Slow rate of establishment

• Will tolerate some drought

• Resistant to drought, disease and insect attacks

• Low tolerance to many weed control herbicides

• Coarse blade

• Not suitable for soils with a high pH

• Does best in sunny areas

• Best suited for areas with
no irrigation.

• Shade tolerance: moderate

• Low watering and survives drought. Does well in
soggy areas.

• For lawns, sports fields, parks, golf courses, and utility turfs

• Prefers full sun

• Blade width 1.7 mm.

• Draught resistant, but needs water weekly to remain green

• Withstands heavy traffic

• Beautiful green color year round

• Aggressive. Will overrun flower beds if not kept in check

• Extensive root system

• Poor shade tolerance

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Lawn and Shrub Pest Control

Lawn and Shrub Pest Control

Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control

At Goodwin Landscape, we’re not just about keeping bugs and rodents out of your home — we’re also experts at keeping your lawn and ornamentation free of pesky critters, weeds and fungus. If you want maximum protection for your lawn and landscape, combined with beautiful and healthy shrubs, flowering plants or hedges, Goodwin Landscape can deliver. Our L&S maintenance and pest control services include:

  • Landscape and shrub fertilization programs/Mowing Services
  • Treatment programs to protect against lawn-devouring pests
  • Palm tree drenches to suppress disease and prevent pest infestation/ Tree Injections
  • Irrigation consulting/ Irrigation Maintenance
  • Trimming
  • Landscaping
  • Sod Installs


Lawn and Shrub Pest Control

The majority of lawn and landscape issues our customers experience are related to weeds. Goodwin’s experienced and friendly technicians will be happy to consult with you to identify the root cause of weed growth and implement a plan of action to suppress and prevent continued expansion of those unwanted weeds and sedges. Maintaining a healthy lawn is perhaps the best and easiest way to prevent weed growth — this includes proper mowing and irrigation, fertilizing and pest management regimens applied in concert. Goodwin Landscape can and will utilize all of these services in the care of your lawn and ornamental shrubs.


Lawn and Shrub Pest Control

Goodwin Landscape can treat your lawn and home together for maximum pest prevention, stopping invasive bugs and rodents at the perimeter of your property before they can invade your home. Our environmentally-responsible lawn treatments will prevent infestations of grubs, beetles, aphids, chinch bugs, bagworms and other pests from taking up residence in your yard.

Need Help Quick? Goodwin Landscape is Here For You!

With some of the fastest response times in the area, Goodwin Landscape can respond to even the biggest pest emergencies before they become total disasters. Call us tody at (239) 682-2919 or fill out our contact form to schedule a service call, book a routine maintenance visit or just inquire about our services. We’ll be happy to help you


Lawn and Shrub Pest Control

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Pest control Naples, Fl

Pest control Naples, FL

Naples pest control


There are many Pests in Naples that you have to worry about to keep your lawn, shrub and trees healthy.  Above are a couple of invading pests that are a big problem in Naples, Fl.  These are Chinch bugs.



  They will go after you grass that is most stressed out.  They are most avtive in the summer time.  To control them I like to use Bifenthren.  That chemical will usually get rid of them. Here is what your grass will look like if you have chinch bug damage.

Naples pest control


Pest control Naples, FL

In order to keep your turf healthy pest control in Naples is a must.  Other problems that I have seen are grubs.  They will go after the root and kill the grass.  They are diffucult to control because they can be very deep in the ground. 



Naples pest control

I like to treat for grubs twice a year.  that will usually take care of them.  I like to use Dylox, Sevin, or Achephate.  These chemicals have worked the best in Naples for pest conrol.

Pest Control Naples, FL

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Naples pest control on lawn and shrubs


I am now have about three years  experience  with pest control on lawn and shrubs.  It is a skill that does take a while to master.  I started with my father working lawn care at a very young age. 

There a numerous pests that invade our turf, shrubs and house. 

                                                                                    Naples pest control on lawn and shrubs






Here is a picture of white fly that is becoming an epodemic in Naples, Fl.


Naples pest control on lawn and shrubs

Diseses in turf is one of the hardest things to identify in pest management.

You have to know the difference between dryness in your grass, to herbicide burns, to pests in grass, to disease.

The best way to identify disease on  your grass in to actually take a blade of grass and check for disease.


                                                                      Naples pest control on lawn and shrubs

here is a picture of brown spot which is common in the summer on St. Augustine grass when the humidity is high.


Naples pest control on lawn and shrubs


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Lawn Care in Naples – Lawn Care Naples

Lawn Care in Naples

My name is Tyler Goodwin and  I have been in the Law Care Business for a long time now.

In order to have a successful business in lawn  care you have to be very knowledgeable, friendly, have a passion for lawn care.

There is so much to know in the  business that it could take years to master everything.  You have to know irrigation, pest control, proper pruning and mowing techniques,  landscape design, and know the names of a bunch of species of shrubs and trees.

I do learn something new everyday in the business. 


Yesterday I had to treat a ficus hedge for white fly.  I was about two hundred feet of hedge. I took about 200 gallons of water mixed with chemical to treat it.  It usually takes about three to four weeks for the application to kick in.  Now a days you are going to have to treat  ficus hedges on a yearly basis to prevent losing your hedge.

                             Ficus White Fly

This is what a ficus hedge will look like if it get infested with the white fly.


I am having problems now with disease in my floratam yards.  They are getting brown spot and it will kill little areas in the grass. 

                                                           Lawn Care in Naples - lawn care naples

This is a close up of what it looks like if you have it.  In order to treat it you have to put a fungicide on it.  And it will usually heal it.


Lawn Care in Naples – Lawn Care Naples


Lawn Care in Naples – Lawn Care Naples




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